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Blankets of Love Project

Blankets of Love Project 
Your opportunity to help the needy!

This project is specifically designed to provide blankets during the coldest months for the homeless, and individuals with substandard housing who's heat may not be sufficient.  We desire to bless the needy and we are asking
God to let it be to His glory and that He will use this to let the needy know He loves them and cares if they are cold and hungry.

It's designed to provide blankets for all who need them, without any payment. This is a very much needed ministry.

It is designed to work by donations from business's and individual. You can get started helping to provide blankets today, by sending new or good used blankets or
by contacting local business's in your area asking them if they would like to give to
the Blankets of Love Project by providing a financial donation to buy blankets.

This is completely non-profit organization, sponsored by Cornerstone Outreach.

Giving to the poor and homeless is only a few steps away from you. Imagine how many adults and children that you would like to bless and this project will give you the means to achieve it all. Isn't there room in your life for some energy given to assure that these needy will not be cold this winter?


If each person that reads this will give just one blanket and share this project page with 10 others we can reach many and show them that they are loved and cared about. The Lord may lay it on someone's heart to give more than one or to contact local business's in their area to donate. 

Blankets of Love Project  is a unique plan. It gets you started and involved in the ministry that is close to the heart of Jesus. He said if you see the hungry to feed them, if you see the naked, clothe them, if you see the thirsty, give them drink, in so doing, you have done it unto him. You can help today by sending your blanket or a love gift to provide a blanket or blankets for the needy. 

If you would like to give a one time or monthly gift to provide not only blankets, but also, food, clothing, coats, visit Cornerstone Outreach site and learn about the full scope of this ministry geared to give to the poor and help them to find a better life through the gospel of Christ. 

Remember, You can't out give the Lord. The Bible tells us, he who gives to the poor the Lord will repay. 

If you bear witness that this is something you can do to help others, please don't hesitate. Winter is already here in many areas of the country. If we receive more blankets than we need in this ministry, don't worry, we know other similar ministries that also minister to the cold and hungry. 

How often have you dreamed of being able to really make a difference? Now is your chance!

Now that dream can become a reality - but you choose whether you want that dream, or whether you prefer to continue to just dream.

The cold facts are plain. Most people ignore the opportunities that present themselves several times in a lifetime. Most people are afraid to reach out to a new ministry solution because they are preoccupied with being ripped off. Others are cynical in the extreme, and  miss the point completely. Please help us today by doing what you can do! 


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